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Are you willing to boldly go where science has not gone before? At Warp Drive Bio, we apply revolutionary science to drug the undruggable.

We are moving at Warp speed to change the face of medicine through our innovative SMART and genome mining platforms. Our team is daring, committed and passionate about what we do – we are willing to take risks and we love tough challenges.

Developing new medicines that drastically improve the quality of patients' lives is what excites us each day. Does this sound like a team that you want to work alongside? Then click here to learn more about how to join the pursuit of cutting-edge science at Warp speed – because we need tomorrow's innovators, today.


About Our Team

We are locked and loaded – ready to attack the next frontier of medicine – previously undruggable targets. Our team is boldly pursuing difficult and important science, while charting our course beyond the current boundaries of modern science.

We are on a steadfast mission to change patient lives through the medicines we create.


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Operating at Warp speed, our fearless crew is re-defining science as we know it. We are looking for innovative thinkers that share our passion for pursuing the next important medical breakthroughs and have an unwavering drive to make a difference in the lives of patients. If you are interested in applying for one of our open positions, please email us at listing the position in the subject line and attaching a recent CV.


Warp Drive Bio has employed a novel SMARTTM modality to develop inhibitors of important therapeutic targets such as RAS, that have previously considered to be intractable to more traditional small molecule approaches. We are seeking a highly motivated Scientist to support proteomic mass spectroscopy within the Biology Dept. The candidate will be responsible for mass spectroscopy method development for quantitative target engagement and proteome-wide target identification. In addition, the candidate will assist in cellular assay development and cellular mechanism of action studies for covalent inhibitors. This individual will be expected to conduct independent experiments and prepare and present data at project meetings.



·      Prepare samples from tissues and cells for mass spectroscopy

·      Maintain and troubleshoot nano-LC and on-site mass spectroscopy instruments

·      Optimize and develop quantitative mass spectroscopy assays and perform proteome-wide data analysis

·      Cell culture and cellular assay development

·      Manage external contract research

·      Data analysis and reporting

·      Communicate results to functional teams, project teams, and senior management



·      Ph.D. degree in relevant discipline (i.e. mass spectrometry/proteomics, biochemistry, or biology) with 0-4 years of industrial experience or B.S./M.S. with a minimum 8-10 years industrial experience in mass spectrometry/proteomics

·      Expertise in the maintenance and proper usage of mass spectrometers, ideally experience with Thermo Q-Exactive and Velos-OrbiTrap instruments and software

·      Experience in sample preparation and method development for proteomics

·      Experience with nano-LC, PRM method development and proteome-wide data analysis

·      Experience with co-precipitation

·      Skilled in cell culture and cellular assay development

·      Ability to plan and troubleshoot experiments independently

·      Ability to communicate results across matrix-based teams

·      Exceptional time management skills



·      Experience with covalent inhibitors and/or chemical crosslinking

·      Prior experience working with CROs

Warp Drive Bio is seeking a highly motivated Computational Chemist to be a leading member of our dynamic drug discovery team.  This individual must be a strong team player, self-motivated, passionate about drug discovery, and energized by scientific challenges.




This position requires a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, in addition to a minimum of 4 years of pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry experience as a computational chemist supporting drug discovery projects.


The qualified individual will also possess the following: 

·       Demonstrated track record of successfully applying computational chemistry to impact drug discovery

·       Expertise in computational methods: structure- and ligand-based design, conformational analysis, molecular dynamics, QSAR, binding free energy calculations and data mining

·       Strong analytical skills and the ability to present complex information clearly to project teams

·       Deep understanding of modern drug discovery including medicinal chemistry, DMPK and multi-parameter optimization

·       Expert user of scientific software such as Schrödinger, Pipeline Pilot, MOE, etc.

·       Strong interpersonal and communication skills

·       Programming skills are a plus



·       Collaborate with the Chemistry Team to design novel compounds and prioritize designs for synthesis

·       Structure and ligand based compound design, virtual screening, library design

·       Develop target druggability assessments

·       Support drug discovery projects from early to late stages

·       Prediction of compound physicochemical and ADME properties to aid in compound design and selection

·       Identify and implement novel computational methods to drive drug discovery projects

Warp Drive Bio is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. Warp Drive Bio will only accept job applications from candidates who are properly documented with authorization to work in the United States.

Notice to Recruiter/Staffing Agencies:
Recruiters and staffing agencies should not contact Warp Drive Bio through this page. We require that all recruiters and staffing agencies have a signed contract on file. Any resumes submitted through the web site or directly by recruiters or staffing agencies will be considered unsolicited and the company will not be responsible for any related fees.